The most important thing right now


Check out the latest thing i've contributed to! This is Lotsofsock's Socks Sorter developed by Yaffy.

It's a fangame based on Towelket One More Time, a series of indie RPGmaker games created by Kanao. I and many other great artists contributed to the visual aspects of this game so please give it a play if you're interested! It's accessible to both fans and non-fans alike :)


In other news, regarding my last project, anyone who's been paying attention has likely noticed that the deadline for the game jam has come and went. Unfortunately, I was more busy than I expected to be for the past couple of months and as a result I was unable to finish the project in time :(. However, I don't plan to outright cancel it. My hopes are to get it out at some point early next year so please look forward to that.


My current project is a visual novel forYuri Game Jam 2023.
The project is called Blood Pudding and it's a romance between a human and a vampire based on a story I never finished last year. The story should be fairly short and expect the usual blood and gore content but I'm not sure if I'll make it 18+ or not. For now I'll try to post my progress here as I work on it.

Currently working on sprites. These are the sprites for the characters December and February. I'd like to have a variety of poses for each character but that's painful so who knows.

Short snippet of what exists. Obviously unpolished but just a look at the idea I'm going for.