Bambi White

Age: 16

A simple high school girl with no true ambitions.

She smells like bleach
and enjoys cleanliness
despite being too lazy
to clean after herself.

Sometimes she eats soap... Name:
Seiko Matsuoka

Age: 17

A needy idiot type of high school girl.

She doesn't think
things through so she
always gets herself in bad

Domi White

Age: 14

Bambi's younger sister.
She doesn't really get along with her very well.

She is super normal. Very normal.
Please don't look at her browsing history. Name:
Rebecca Murata

Age: 17

Comes from a wealthy family.

She's like a tsundere but towards the
entire human race without the
'dere' part.

She's always on that
damn phone.


Age: Someteen

Who is this? She looks like she has a disease!

Mirai Tachibana

Age: 17

A friend to all!

She is very nice and knows everything.

Her favorite kind
of person is an abnormal person.